“I write to congratulate the Children’s International Voices of Enfield (CIVE) for yet another fantastic concert. Both my young children performed in the 12th March spring concert in Palmers Green and I cannot get over what a triumph it was – such a well organised and well run event that was a joy to watch. It was very professional and the quality of musicianship was exceptional, especially the children who performed solos. There really are some extremely talented children in Enfield!

We are so lucky to live in an area that provides this opportunity for children and young adults. My children joined this choir just over a year ago and this was their fifth concert with CIVE. I love that they can perform to such a large crowd from an early age in a ‘that’s-just-what-we-do’ kind of way. I also love that it gives children opportunity to perform vocal or instrumental solos or even become accompanists or conductors. I wish I’d been able to do the same when I was a child growing up in the countryside!

Particular thanks must go June and Christopher Keyte, who founded CIVE over 25 years ago, for all their hard work and dedication. The choir is so wonderful and I’m delighted that my children are part of it – it is very, very special.”

Davina Mac

Jonathan Shranz leading our Chorale through some Rutter, new and old.
A huge thank you to Alice Beckwith for all her time with Children’s Voices, her beaming smile will be missed.
A further congratulations must go to our two Jack Petchy Award Winners; Libby Isaacs and Lukas McDonald

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